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2022-06-25 05:07:50 By : Ms. Chole Xu

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Roman Statues Unearthed in England

STOKE MANDEVILLE, ENGLAND—According to a CNN report, two complete Roman busts of a man and a woman and the head from a statue of a child were unearthed during the excavation of a ditch around the foundations of an Anglo-Saxon tower at the site of old St. Mary’s Norman church in southeast England. The excavation was conducted as part of the High Speed 2 rail construction project. The busts had been split apart before they were torn down. Archaeologists also recovered a Roman hexagonal glass jug, large roof tiles, painted wall plaster, and Roman cremation urns. Archaeologist Rachel Wood and her colleagues suggest that the site was originally a Bronze Age burial mound where the Romans built a square mausoleum. To read about an unusual Roman building complex uncovered in North Yorkshire, go to "Leisure Seekers."

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