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2022-09-24 05:15:35 By : Mr. Rain tan

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KNXV) – A dog that loves to hang out on the roof of her house is becoming the talk of the town in Arizona.

Nala the husky scales the balcony in her backyard to get up on the roof, and it’s drawn the attention and concern of people passing by.

The envy can be seen from lap dogs across the street as Nala is clearly the most popular girl on the block. Her owner, Jason Camarena, said a lot of people love her.

“Honestly, they want to take pictures every time they see her,” he said.

Nala isn’t a typical pet. She takes being “man’s best friend” to the next level and acts as full security detail.

“One person actually came and knocked on her door and thought she was a statue because she just stood there like she did not move at all,” Camarena said.

Her owners have posted on social media that she’s not stuck on the shingles, but that hasn’t stopped the gawkers.

Even law enforcement showed up, with Glendale police arriving for a call about Nala while KNXV was there.

True in form, Nala can be seen looking down from the rooftops, prompting neighbors to give her the nickname “Pigeon.”

“It’s funny because when she’s up there they’re still up there,” Camarena said. “The pigeons.”

When other family members couldn’t provide the backyard Nala needed, Camarena and his mom offered their home two years ago.

He said she’s liberally taken to that freedom.

“Now she’s very happy and outgoing,” Camarena said. “We try to give her a limit, like, maybe like 20 minutes, half hour, but during the winter she could stay out there as long as she wants. we don’t mind. At the end of the day, you know, she’s just enjoying the view up there.”

Her owners said Nala also has a pool in her backyard where she loves to take breaks to cool off.

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