Sheet metal roofing tile

Shingle Type Roof tile sheet Metal Roof tile   TypeTile SizeValid SizeTiles Per SqmWeightBond Tile1340mmx420mm1290mmx370mm2.08 Pieces2.8KG/PieceShingle Tile1340mmx420mm1290mmx370mm2.08 Pieces2.8KG/PieceClassical Tile1340mmx420mm1290mmx370mm2.08 Pieces2.8KG/PieceRoman Tile1340mmx420mm1290mmx370mm2.08 Pieces2.8KG/Pi

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Shingle Type Roof tile sheet Metal Roof tile


Shingle Type Roof Tile Sheet Metal Roof Tile

TypeTile SizeValid SizeTiles Per SqmWeight
Bond Tile1340mmx420mm1290mmx370mm2.08 Pieces2.8KG/Piece
Shingle Tile1340mmx420mm1290mmx370mm2.08 Pieces2.8KG/Piece
Classical Tile1340mmx420mm1290mmx370mm2.08 Pieces2.8KG/Piece
Roman Tile1340mmx420mm1290mmx370mm2.08 Pieces2.8KG/Piece
Wood Tile1340mmx420mm1290mmx370mm2.08 Pieces2.8KG/Piece
Milano Tile1340mmx420mm1290mmx370mm2.08 Pieces2.8KG/Piece

Product Description

Color Stone Coated metal Roof is based on Al-Zn(Known as Zincalume or Galvalume steel)steel. The before and after protective film treatment, together With high precision pressure-shaped gravel ensure the roof to be the best roofing material. Coated With an alloy composed of Al 55%, Zn 43.4%,Si 1.6%, with Non-toxic acrylic adhesive and natural stone, Color Stone Coated metal Roof provides the advantages of long life, strength, durability and beauty.


Color Stone coated Metal steel roofing tile

1 Raw material of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1)Galvalume steel sheet :0.4mm

(2)Colorful stone chips


2 Size of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1) overall size:1340mm*420mm

(2) valid size:1290*370mm


3 Acreage of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1) acreage per tile:0.48SQM

(2)tiles per square meter:2.1pcs


4 Weight of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1) weight per tile:2.8KG

(2) weight per square meter:5.8KG


5 Packing and loading of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1) package:400-600pcs/package

(2) loading:8000-10000pcs/20ft container with accessories


6 Color of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1) normal color:Red; red&black; black; coffee; green;  black; brown; blue.

(2) special color:Can be produced as request


7 Advantage of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1) Aesthetic:  bond tile/classic tile/shingle tile/roman tile/milano tile/wood tile, more than 12 colors.

(2)Durable:can endure high temperature and low temperature, can resist bad weathers. Zinc-aluminum coating and stone chip coating can anti-corrupt effectively;

(3) Sound and heat insulation: the stone chip can reduce the sound effectively, and can hold back the heat;

(4)Easy installations:easy to be folded, easy to cut.

(5) light in weight:the unit weight is about 2.3-2.8kg/piece, just 1/6 as concrete/ clay tile. Easy to be be transported and installed.


8 Accessories of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1)   Ridge Cap

(2)   Angle Ridge Tile

(3)   Square Ridge Tile

(4)   Eaves Tile

(5)   Side Flashing

(6)   Barge Board Cover 

(7)   Valley Tray

(8)   Flat Sheet

(9)   Nails (136pcs,50mm)

9 Main physiochemical index:

Water resistanceAfter 24h test without anomalies
Heat resistanceNo abnormalities after 90°C*5 test
Low temperture resistanceAfter -40°C*24h test without anomalies
Alkaline resistanceAfter 48h test without anomalies
Acid resistanceAfter 48h test without anomalies
Resistance salt spryAfter 240h test without anomalies
Circle of freezing and thawingAfter 20 times test without anomalies

Structure of Roof Tile
Shingle Type Roof Tile Sheet Metal Roof Tile

Type of Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile

Shingle Type Roof Tile Sheet Metal Roof Tile

Installation & Accessories
Installation for colorful stone coated metal roof tile:
1.When working on roofs, avoid power lines.
2.Pitch: The roof pitch should be no less than 15 degrees.
3.Gutters: If caves or valley guttering are planned, they should be in place before the tiles are installed.
4.Steel tiles stored outside must be covered with waterproof material.
5.When nailing, the worker should stand on the tile being installed and face the fascia (the eave of the roof).
6.Nailing: Use a minimum of four nails per tile and up to seven in regions with strong winds.Use seven nails on the following: the bottom two rows from the fascia, the two rows beneath the ridge, and at least one tile adjacent to hips,valleys and barges.

Shingle Type Roof Tile Sheet Metal Roof Tile

Product Color
Shingle Type Roof Tile Sheet Metal Roof Tile
Shingle Type Roof Tile Sheet Metal Roof Tile


Shingle Type Roof Tile Sheet Metal Roof Tile

1. Are you a factory or trading?
   We are a manufacturing & trading combo, exporting aluminum window and stone coated metal roof tile
2. Can you provide samples? Free or charge?
   Yes, we can. Free samples can be sent if you pay for the freight from International Express.
3. What's your payment terms?
    Usually, T/T with 50% deposit, balance before delivery.
4. What is the MOQ?
    Our minimum order quantity is recommended for you to order a 20''GP to reduce the unit and shipping cost.
5. How long is your delivery time?
    Generally it is 15-20 days if the goods are in stock, it is according to quantity.

6. Are metal roofs noisy?
   The combination of dead-air space and the stone coating minimize outside sounds. 
7. Is a metal roof dangerous in weather with lightning?
    No, metal roofing is both and electrical conductor, and a noncombustible material.
8. Can I walk on my roof?
    Absolutely, roofs are made of steel and designed to withstand the weight of people walking on them.
9. Does the color fade?
    A slight change in color might occur due to sitting  of airborne contaminants. However periodic rain or washing the roof with a garden hose will keep the roof looking new.
10. What is the packing?
    Every 400-600 pieces are placed on a wooden pallet, packaged in paper, and wrapped in plastic sheeting on the out

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