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2022-05-14 22:46:28 By : Mr. Kenny Liang

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The Board of Selectmen (BOS) has chosen two vendors to complete roof projects at the library and Mulvey Center. A town meeting will be held on Thursday, May 19 at 7 p.m. to approve the funding for the projects.

Last year, then-first selectman Noel Bishop said that the roof of the Mulvey Center building has been “an ongoing issue for several years.” Bishop explained the big issue is with the shingles on the building, which weren’t installed properly several years ago.

Meanwhile a report from consultant Garland and Co. indicated several problems with the library roof. The roof was installed in 2008 and, according to the report, high quality shingles were used, though the report stated that the installation of the shingles was not done well. The report stated there are holes and issues with the roof that need to be fixed.

Once the report came back, the BOS went out to bid to find vendors to fix the roofs. The BOS received four bids. Ultimate the board chose to go with Gold Seal Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc, at a cost of $623,000 for the library roof and Imperial Restoration, Inc., at a cost of $1,190,768 for the Mulvey Center roof. Both contractors were the low bidders.

Additionally, current First Selectman John Hall said that he HVAC system at the Mulvey Center will be replaced. The board unanimously approved that the system be replaced at a cost not to exceed $500,000.

At a meeting on April 28, the board passed a motion that a proration not to exceed $2,332,143 be appropriated from the Unassigned Fund Balance to the Roof Capital Project Fund for the purpose of replacement of the Mulvey Center roof and HVAC units and the library roof. The funds will be released pending approval at the Town Meeting on May 19.

Hall said that he’s pleased the project isn’t going to cost residents any extra money.

“What I really love about the project is we’re getting two new roofs and HVAC system that we’re paying for out of our reserve and still keeping the reserve funds above target. It’s not going to cost the taxpayer any additional money,” said Hall.

As for a timeline, Hall said there are still some unknowns.

“Right now, we’re drawing up contracts. Once we do that the contractors can order materials and then it depends on the supply chain,” said Hall. “I’d love to get it done late summer or early fall before the wet season gets here and it’s harder.”

Eric O’Connell covers news for Clinton for Zip06. Email Eric at e.oconnell@shorepublishing.com.

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